Felicia Norton & Hannu Hyttinen in Ms Spielvogel's BACKSTREET. photo: Zoë Morsette

The Promise of Rest by Sasha Spielvogel

The Promise of Rest

Created to honor all those who have been bullied for their sexual orientation.

choreography: Sasha Spielvogel
dancer: Michael Leon Thomas

Performed June 20th, 2014, at Jacob's Pillow as part of American Dance Guild. Watch the video.

Sasha Spielvogel
Labyrinth Dance Theater

Please join Labyrinth Dance Theater at BAAD! June 20th for two premieres

Marnie-Thomas-in-Quickening.jpgQuickening, with dancer Marnie Thomas and violinist Rachel Golub, explores a mother's grief and joy as she remembers her son who died of AIDS.


Taboo, Ramon Flowers portrays a Drag Queen in the disco era who discovers she may have AIDS. The original song, Take Off The Make-Up, composed and sung by Leslie Dennis, accompanies the dance.


Enter into the unknown, face your demons,
     wrestle with them and finally,
          emerge from the surrounding darkness
                                      toward a point of clarity