Concert for Ukraine

Labyrinth Dance Theater
Sasha Spielvogel, Artistic Director


Full house, silence, tears, applause, standing ovation

Thank you to all who came and supported our Concert for Ukraine at St. Mark's Church in New York on April 23rd - it was a beautiful thing.

3K raised for Razom for Ukraine.

In Case you missed the Concert!

Watch the Trailer to Five Stalks of Wheat.

Watch the Interview with Felicia Norton, dancer; Sasha Spielvogel choreographer/director; Andrii Didorenko, composer, the artists who created Five Stalks of Wheat.

Many thanks to the musicians who opened our concert performing works of Ukrainian composers: Andrii Didorenko, violin; Yuliya Basis, piano; Elizaveta Kozlova, voice; Valeriya Sholokhova, cello Guest Artist: Julian Kytasty, bandura

Donations to help the Ukrainian people are still much needed.

an an organization dedicated to helping the Ukrainian people
during this heroic and historic fight for their country’s freedom.

Program notes for Five Stalks of Wheat

Now is the time. A country rises, a country with a rich cultural heritage coupled with years of repression, from the forced starvation of Holodomor to the current unjust invasion. A lone woman stands for the people of Ukraine. She fights against the unremitting ravages of war with strength, compassion and humanity; she is the present struggle for freedom the timeless beauty of the land.

The score weaves Ukrainian folk tales and melodies, along with Stalin's speech touting collective farming, Shevchenko's poetry, sounds of war and lost childhood, ultimately culminating in music evoking freedom, joy and hope for the future of the country.

photo credit: Eve Cuyen


Photo credits: Eve Cuyen, Bobby Hedglin-Taylor, John Sefakis