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Felicia Norton & Hannu Hyttinen in Ms Spielvogel's BACKSTREET. photo: Zoë Morsette

The Promise of Rest by Sasha Spielvogel

The Promise of Rest

Created to honor all those who have been bullied for their sexual orientation.

choreography: Sasha Spielvogel
dancer: Michael Leon Thomas

Will be performed June 20th, 2014, at Jacob's Pillow as part of American Dance Guild. More details to-be-announced.

Sasha Spielvogel
Labyrinth Dance Theater

Please join Labyrinth Dance Theater at BAAD! June 20th for two premieres

Marnie-Thomas-in-Quickening.jpgQuickening, with dancer Marnie Thomas and violinist Rachel Golub, explores a mother's grief and joy as she remembers her son who died of AIDS.


Taboo, Ramon Flowers portrays a Drag Queen in the disco era who discovers she may have AIDS. The original song, Take Off The Make-Up, composed and sung by Leslie Dennis, accompanies the dance.


Enter into the unknown, face your demons,
     wrestle with them and finally,
          emerge from the surrounding darkness
                                      toward a point of clarity