Labyrinth Goes to India

In September of 2017, Labyrinth Dance Theater was invited by International Arts Curator Rekha Sameer to be part of the first ever arts residency in the Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur, India.

The residency included 10 visual artists from countries around the world including the U.K., Iran, Grenada, India, and the Netherlands. Labyrinth Dance Theater from New York added the only American and the only dance presence to the eclectic mix.

Felicia Norton, renowned dancer and longtime member of the company, joined Artistic Director Sasha Spielvogel to create a site-specific piece based on the indoor and outdoor spaces in the ancient fortress which was built in 1460.

Conceived & Choreographed by Sasha Spielvogel and Felicia Norton<
Featuring Felicia Norton



Background photo: Mehrangarh Fortress in Jodphur, India.