Dark Angel

a film by Sasha Spielvogel

A poetic musing on God's most beautiful angel following the journey of his expulsion from Heaven to his ultimate desire to return 'home'.

Director & Choreographer:
Sasha Spielvogel

Hannu Hyttinen as Dark Angel

Elizabeth Auclair, Sjoerd DeJong, Sernaz Demirel, Gary Galbraith, Leslie Myers, Nurhan Nebioglu, Felicia Norton, Nina Stein-White, Tan Temel

Music: David Majzlin
Additional music:
David Crosby, John Taverner, Vaughn Williams, Thomas Tallis, David Burger

Editors: Eve Cuyen, Vinit Parmar

Director of Photography:
Mika Paavailanen

Funded in Part by:
The American-Scandinavian Foundation; Finlandia Foundation, New York Metropolitan and National Chapters; Materials for the Arts; The Moo Fund; Rita Poretsky Foundation; Wainimo Productions; Wihuri Foundation

Filmed on location: Orensanz Synagogue, New York & Castle Olavinlinna, National Board of antiquities.

Premiered December 29th, 2008 at Angel Orensanz Synagogue, NYC

2016 Saimaa Lake Festivals,
Savonlinna, Finland on July 23rd
Kannon Dance Open Look
in St. Petersburg on July 26th
Felicia Norton &
Hannu Hyttinen


Hannu Hyttinen in Ms. Spielvogel's DARK ANGEL. photo: Vinit Parmar